The Wife is Back to Work

I have never felt so hopeless as this weekend. I have had to stand to one side and watch The Wife go on an emotional roller-coaster; after 10 months of maternity leave, the time has come for her to return to work. There are no words that I could say to stop the tears, no way in which I can help her come to terms with the situation ahead of her. Continue reading The Wife is Back to Work

20 Min HIIT Superset

Good Choice.  This little bad boy had me blowing steam out of my ears within 7 minutes!

Equipment – An interval timer / floor space (Can be done on a landing!)

Basics – This is a 20min session (excluding Warm-up / Cool down).  You will do 4 Activities and repeat 5 times through.  Remember to complete a quick warm-up of up to 5 mins light pulse raising activity. Continue reading 20 Min HIIT Superset