20 Min HIIT Superset

Good Choice.  This little bad boy had me blowing steam out of my ears within 7 minutes!

Equipment – An interval timer / floor space (Can be done on a landing!)

Basics – This is a 20min session (excluding Warm-up / Cool down).  You will do 4 Activities and repeat 5 times through.  Remember to complete a quick warm-up of up to 5 mins light pulse raising activity.

Timings – I set the ‘Interval Timer’ App (Free!) to –

Sets = 20

Work Interval = 40s

Rest Interval = 20s

Obviously change these to suit your fitness level remember work/rest needs to total 1min! (1st timers may go for a 30s/30s split)

And now the fun part! Hit start on the Interval Timer and in the work interval follow the Supersets Below repeating until the work interval ends (Again adapt these to suit preference / fitness level)

Superset 1 – 8 Quick Heel Flicks / 8 High Knees (Pump Arms as well!)

Superset 2 – Squat Jack  x2 (Touch with 2 hands or alternate left then right) / 1 Burpee

Superset 3 – Jab Punches x8 / Front Knees x2 / Hook Punches x8 / Front Kicks x2

Superset 4 – 2 side steps touch floor and back / 2 side kicks (1 each side)

Done.  20 mins.  No messing about, great calorie burn and release those endorphins!

Would love to hear any comments once you’ve finished!  I personally found I was most tires after Supersets 1 & 2, recovered slightly during 3 & 4!

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