20 Minute Basic Cardio Blitz

Burn fat for hours after working out with this basic but effective 20min cardio blitz

Equipment – An interval timer / floor space / skipping rope (Optional)

Timings – I set the ‘Interval Timer’ App (Free!) to –

Sets = 20

Work Interval = 40s

Rest Interval = 20s

Change this to suit your ability / fitness level

Then simply repeat the following activities 5 times

1 – Side step shuttles, touch floor (at least 2 steps, more if space allows)

2 – Squat Jacks (Alternate Hands)

3 – Skipping on spot (imagine if you have no rope!)

4 – Burpee / 8 High Knees – Repeat

Game over man!  Don’t forget to hydrate with plenty of water sipped over the next few hours

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