The Sleep Game

Am I going to sleep tonight?  Is The Wife going to sleep tonight?  Is the Poo Monster going to sleep tonight?

There are no consistent answers to be found.  Sleep has been at a premium over the last 9 months, a commodity of the very highest value.

Last night was a good night.  Let’s take a look at the details of a good nights sleep for my boy.

18:30 –  Bedtime routine blown up as he freaked out when other people were in the house.  Bath turned into a 5 min screaming match rather than the 20 mins soothing calm peaceful environment that we normally get.  As a result his bedtime was brought forward and I tried to get him down earlier than usual (7:00pm)

19:30 – I have been upstairs to try and settle the little guy approximately 6/7 times to soothe him back off to sleep.

23:00 – ish – Wakes up crying jut before we head to bed, transpires he has done a massive poo!  2 man job to change him, Wife spends 25mins to get him back down.

23:00 – 04:30 various wakings up with intermittent whinging, snuffling and rolling around,  he managed to self soothe each time though!

05:00ish – wakes up has a mini meltdown,  I manage to settle him after 15mins.

06:00 – Wide awake, smashing the place up by the sounds of it.  Daddy is now on the clock!

And that my friends is literally the most peaceful nights sleep we have had in his 9 months on earth!  Me and The Wife are literally high fiving each other in the morning.  What a great nights sleep we have had.

You can imagine what a normal nights sleep is like if the above is the best it’s ever been!

Even better, think of a bad night!  I know most people reading this will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Sleep is incredibly undervalued.  I cry inside when a work colleague tells me they are tired.  I am literally waiting for Andrew Lincoln to smash me in the face with a bat at any given minute!

There is a reason that sleep deprivation is used during torture, alas, we will win the sleep game, we will prevail comrades.  I won’t let The Poo Monster win without a fight!

Ah bugger, nap time has ended…



3 thoughts on “The Sleep Game”

  1. Not to rub it in, but makes me feel a lot better about our sleep routine with our 11mo terror. She’s normally down by 7pm and stays that way until 6am. Unless she’s teething and then it’s up at 10pm, 3am, 5am, then back to sleep at 6:30am as we need to get up. She’s also teething 4 out of the 5 days (all of them week days)….

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