Daddy and The Poo Monster – An Intro

Who am I? Why are you reading this?  Two legitimate questions that only seem to bring up more questions rather than answers.  So, let’s get into this and see where we end up.

Who am I?  A bloody good question!  Pretty obviously, I have recently became a dad to a cracking little fella (The Poo Monster).  In my spare *coughs* time I am a full-time PE Teacher and part-time fully functioning human who is trying to navigate his way through the early stages of becoming a dad whilst gripping onto sanity for dear life (think Stallone – Cliffhanger ‘Wire Scene’).  I try to maintain my status as ‘husband’ somewhere inside the madness.  I have no prior writing or blog experience so I’ll apologise in advance for anything that is terrible to read.  I will try to keep my ramblings easy to digest and I’ll attempt to deliver heart-felt realism with a touch of humour throughout.  In a nutshell, my intention is to document my time sailing the choppy waters of parenthood, providing real life perspective on how life is as a ‘normal’ working dad.  

Why are you reading this?  If I had to guess then

  1. You’re a dad. If so, hi mate, nice to meet you!  I feel your pain, the struggle is real, Very real, but I’m here for you fella. We got this!  
  2. You’re a mam (I’m Northern!).  If so, hi mam! You’re amazing!  The struggle is probably even more real than I can ever imagine but you tackle it like a champ!  How do you do what you do?  Honestly, teach me…
  3. You’re waiting to become a parent. Welcome, I hope you find things on my site that you think will help.  In a number of months you will join the carnage parade and your life will never be your own again but will be significantly richer than it is now.  Good luck.
  4. I’m none of these – Why are you reading this exactly!?  You must just love people talking about kids / babies.  I know I did when I was free to roam the earth doing whatever the fuck I wanted! I mean honestly, what is wrong with you?

Within these pages you will find real-life (no MTV) situations and how they are perceived from a dad’s point of view. I will welcome you into my world and introduce you to The Poo Monster and The Wife.  I hope you find some common ground with me, I hope we can share a story and a laugh to keep us sane.  I would love to hear from anyone that is reading this: drop me a line, say hi, share a story.  Together we will raise this army of vomit slingers…

You will find some product reviews and links to affiliates like the one below.  If you click on them and spend your cash you should know that you are sending me to Mexico 5 times a year (I wish) whilst putting The Poo Monster through University.  So thank you!