The Wife is Back to Work

I have never felt so hopeless as this weekend. I have had to stand to one side and watch The Wife go on an emotional roller-coaster; after 10 months of maternity leave, the time has come for her to return to work. There are no words that I could say to stop the tears, no way in which I can help her come to terms with the situation ahead of her. Continue reading The Wife is Back to Work

20 Min HIIT Superset

Good Choice.  This little bad boy had me blowing steam out of my ears within 7 minutes!

Equipment – An interval timer / floor space (Can be done on a landing!)

Basics – This is a 20min session (excluding Warm-up / Cool down).  You will do 4 Activities and repeat 5 times through.  Remember to complete a quick warm-up of up to 5 mins light pulse raising activity. Continue reading 20 Min HIIT Superset

Top 10 Essential Baby Products from Newborn to 6 Months

Woooomph, There it is!

This is it people,  Daddy Monster and The Wife’s definitive list of essential baby gear for newborn babies.

I must note this is purely our opinion of the products we have found to be the most useful during the Poo Monster’s first 7 months on earth.  We have tried to rank them in terms of the products we believe made our lives easier during what is a daunting time for any newcomers to the world of baby.  If you click the images you will be able to check how much these items are (mainly through Amazon).  Please Note that other products of similar nature are available,  I’ll provide links to the rest as I go.  These are all products that we bought or were gifts from friends/family and most of them had previously been recommended to us by friends.  No companies have paid us or supplied products for us to review.  These are our raw, honest opinions.

So let’s fire straight in with the number 1 top purchase! Continue reading Top 10 Essential Baby Products from Newborn to 6 Months

Baby’s First Kiss

There are 5 balls – work, family, friends, health and spirit…


Thursday was not a good day. And when I say not a good day I mean it was the absolute pits. I’m talking the sort of day you only have once every few years, maybe. Some of you may never have felt like this but I’m fairly confident most people reading this can relate.

It’s a day when you have been feeling run down with the enormity of everything in your life. People around you may have noticed a change in your mood and attitude in the run up.

Now, the funny thing about it for me was that there was not one thing that I could put my finger on as the reason for how I was feeling, but I was truly lower than a snake’s belly on Thursday. Continue reading Baby’s First Kiss

5 Things from the week that was w/b 13/3/17

    1. I’ve literally just dropped a rubber fish on the wee man’s head.  He cried. What a shit dad!
    2. The Poo Monster has had gastroenteritis. This has been mostly unpleasant and a great source of stress/stink/vom throughout the week.
    3. I think I might have cracked how to do this twitter lark.  Honestly, DM me for details.  (Check me out with my DM – I’ve definitely cracked it #tweettweet)
    4. I have been learning the ways of the web.  Mostly reading about the dark art that is affiliate marketing.  Ooh get me and my fancy terminology.
    5. I have met some cracking people on twitter.  @balddaddyblog  being my new favourite person in the world – check out his blog!

P.S.  The Wife has taken up hard gambling on the horses!  Read all about it!

The wife loves the horses

A long day at work for me.  I drove home on autopilot forgetting any manoeuvres that I might actually have made,  looking forward to seeing the wife and the little man.  The Wife answers the door looking understandably tired;  the little guy has Gastroenteritis which is causing him to blow out of both ends with impressive enthusiasm.  He is creating scenes which make Hacksaw Ridge look like a 5* hotel. Anywho,  she’s tired, as am I after being stuck behind car after car in the ‘rush hour’ (Slow down everyone!  It’s not a race!).  Much to my surprise, Babachops is curled up asleep on the sofa (he is sleeping a tonne with him being ill). The Wife asks me about my day.  She is being treated to my usual grumblings about the wonderful world of education when I hear commentary on the TV. Continue reading The wife loves the horses

Daddy and The Poo Monster – An Intro

Who am I? Why are you reading this?  Two legitimate questions that only seem to bring up more questions rather than answers.  So, let’s get into this and see where we end up. Continue reading Daddy and The Poo Monster – An Intro