DadFit – Easy Fitness Sessions

20 Minute HIIT Superset Workout

20 Minute Arm Burner

20 Minute Basic Cardio Blitz

Hi guys and gals!

If you’ve stumbled onto this page then like me, you are looking for easy ways to maintain a basic level of fitness within a demanding schedule with limited resources and space available!  Click a workout above or continue reading below!

I’m going to provide easy to follow workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home.  I use literally no equipment other than my phone which I use to play music and I use a very basic app called ‘Interval Timer’.  It’s free to download and the easiest thing in the world to use.  I’m a big believer in HIIT training which you can read shedloads about through a google search.  The basics of it are you work out for a short amount of time and burn a large number of calories through short bursts of intense exercise.  After this your body will break down food eaten within 2 hours quicker than usual and you will also continue to burn fat at an accelerated work for an extended period of time.  Sound good!?  Cracking let’s get on with it!  The workouts are at the top of this page!  Enjoy.

Any questions or need advice on mixing up activities to suit personal circumstances?  Just comment below or click here!