He ain’t a baby no more!

What the hell is happening?

The monster is over a year old now. It’s almost unacceptable to call him a baby anymore! He eats far too many quavers to still be a baby. I literally have no idea how all of a sudden he turned into a laughing, shouting, screaming, poking, falling, crawling, walking, picking, biting, sucking, throwing, hitting, hiding,not sleeping, hairy maniac of a boy.

He literally doesn’t stop. He is crackers. He looks sod all like his baby photos, doesn’t even resemble the same kid. This growing up lark is happening far too quickly. I need to slow him down! Any ideas?

The doctor tried injections the other day, that definitely did not chill him out…

Hope you are well.


Baby Update

I’ve been really inactive on here recently for one reason or the other! Balancing work, baby and being human is a challenge (who knew!)

The poo monster is doing well though! Sleeping seems to be getting a little better. We still have the odd shit show of a night but it’s often 1 bad night per week rather than 1 good night so i’ll definitely take that!

He is so close to crawling, it will literally be days now. He is up on all fours but a little weary about pottering forward! In other news he now chases us round the kitchen in his walker and attempts to break everyone’s toes. The little legend has also started to dance a bit bobbing his head whenever he hears a beat he likes. Apparently all it took was a bit of ‘like a G6’ and he was away!

Who could resist!?

Top 10 Essential Baby Products from Newborn to 6 Months

Woooomph, There it is!

This is it people,  Daddy Monster and The Wife’s definitive list of essential baby gear for newborn babies.

I must note this is purely our opinion of the products we have found to be the most useful during the Poo Monster’s first 7 months on earth.  We have tried to rank them in terms of the products we believe made our lives easier during what is a daunting time for any newcomers to the world of baby.  If you click the images you will be able to check how much these items are (mainly through Amazon).  Please Note that other products of similar nature are available,  I’ll provide links to the rest as I go.  These are all products that we bought or were gifts from friends/family and most of them had previously been recommended to us by friends.  No companies have paid us or supplied products for us to review.  These are our raw, honest opinions.

So let’s fire straight in with the number 1 top purchase! Continue reading Top 10 Essential Baby Products from Newborn to 6 Months

Daddy and The Poo Monster – An Intro

Who am I? Why are you reading this?  Two legitimate questions that only seem to bring up more questions rather than answers.  So, let’s get into this and see where we end up. Continue reading Daddy and The Poo Monster – An Intro